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Pastor Richard and Yolanda Rubi are from The Door Christian Fellowship Church in Tucson Arizona, Pastored by Harold and Mona Warner, and affiliated with The Potter House Ministries founded by Pastor Wayman Mitchell and his late wife, Nelda. Richard and Yolanda Rubi were saved and married in the Tucson church, where they served that congregation faithfully on the church staff as both directors and youth leaders.


In 1983, they were asked to take over the pastoral role at the Las Vegas Christian center in Las Vegas, New Mexico. They pastored the church there for three years, and they were instrumental in building a core foundation of people that are still members of that church, today. In 1987 they started a church in Houston, Texas. The church started by Richard and Yolanda Rubi is currently still active and thriving in Houston. In 1988, they became the Pastors of The Door Christian Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas. They have served in the pastoral role, faithfully, for over 30 years and raised their two children, Marques and Raquel, here.


The Door has become a “Mother church” over the years and has sent many couples from within the local congregation to plant churches around the world. Today, there are more than 100 churches in 19 countries including works in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and many across The United States and Mexico. Today, the congregation is located on the Far Westside of San Antonio and has over 500 members. Our church has become a pillar of the community as a local church with a world-wide vision.



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